About Us

WearProud.com is the brainchild of master jeweler Chris Lowe.  For more than 20 years Lowe has been handcrafting unique jewelry to his clients’ specifications.

WearProud.com puts heart and personality back into charms and charm bracelets with its philanthropic spin.  Now you can design and wear charms, which show the world the causes you are passionate about! You can proudly wear your heart on your sleeve!

WearProud.com will design and produce beautiful and distinctive beads for charm bracelets (compatible with Pandora, Blue Nile, and other popular charm bracelets and can be custom-ordered at any size specifications).  With the depth of our line, you can always find a worthy cause to support, one which speaks to the spirit of men and women alike. We have styles and causes for everyone!

Whether you are raising money for your local high school or for a cause many miles away, you can take pride in both the look and the message of your jewelry. Having heart is hot!