11 Perfect Athleisure Items for Active Women & Men

athleisure for women and men

Working from home is excellent—unlimited coffee, pets as co-workers, and getting paid all from the comfort of your home. Your commute has been effectively reduced to the number of seconds it takes to go from the bed to the couch, but since then, your work attire has gone from business casual to couch potato chic. 

Finding the motivation to get dressed just to work from the kitchen table is hard, and you are probably wondering, do I even have to? 

While staying in your tye-dye sweat pants and last summer's Coachella t-shirt is #goals, zoom meetings prevent us from living our best comfy clothes life- at least for now. 

What if I told you that you didn't have to choose. You could look professional without having to sacrifice your comfort?

Here are 11 Perfect Athleisure Wear Items for Active Women & Men to help you slay the work from home game. 

6 Hip, Sleek & Comfortable Athleisure Items for Active Women

From Instagram-approved joggers to Zoom call-ready jackets, athleisure wear is here to stay. These 5 ridiculously versatile athleisure-wear staples will make you feel both comfortable and chic whether you're working from home or working out. 

Be Authentic - Ballerina Leggings 

ballerina leggings

If you haven't parted ways with your old college sweats by now, these cozy Ballerina Leggings will convince you to, STAT. Not only are they soft, but the ballerina style ensures they fit just snug enough to run around your home in 'em 24/7 and still look great. 

Don't believe us? Just ask Edy Ganem from the series Devious Maids or Hannah Sluss, the Bachelor season 24 winner. These lovely ladies love the versatility of these pants. 

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Be Courageous - Zipper Pullover Black

womens zipper pullover black

Sexy, chic, and oh so comfortable, this pullover jacket is fit for both work and play. You'll love the lightweight feel of this versatile athletic wear featuring a stylish asymmetrical zipper. Pair it with your favorite blazer for a look that supports you and your boss, who takes the dress code too seriously. 

Shop Zipper Pullover Black

Be Confident - Split Back Tank

womens split back tank

This ridiculously soft tank is as stylish as it is affordable—it pairs perfectly with high-waisted leggings and sneakers for running errands on your lunch or for some deep stretching in between your work calls. 

The split-back feature allows plenty of room for your body to move and quickly transforms into a knot for an additional stylish look. Two looks with one shirt? Does it really get better than this? 

Shop Split Back Tank (white) (black)

Be Courageous - Zipper Pullover White

womens zipper pullover white

Trends come and go, but zipper pullovers are forever. Okay, maybe not forever, but it's definitely having a moment in modern fashion right now. 

Colorful creations like this white zipper pullover are practically guaranteed to give off good vibes. Thanks to its lightweight & flattering material this top is perfect to wear during fall or your outdoor yoga sessions. Namaste! 

Shop Zipper Pullover White

Be Passionate - Asymmetrical Tank

womens asymmetrical tank

Perhaps this is a little *too* casual for some people, but when you're working from home, is there really such a thing? 

Slip into this form-fitting sportswear for your next day on the job. Pairing perfectly with your favorite blazer this asymmetrical tank will have you looking like a boss without sacrificing your comfort. What a great time to be alive ladies!

Pro tip: Pair it with some statement jewelry and a skirt for an optimized modern fashion look. 

Shop Asymmetrical Tank (white) (black)

Be Positive - Bomber Jacket 

womens bomber jacket

You'll never have to steal your boyfriend's bomber again when you've got one this comfortable of your own. This trendy bomber jacket is worn by thousands and loved by millions, including Rachel Nichols

The color blocking design gives it a classic look that'll never go out of style, while the collar and cuffs keep it looking sporty. It's the perfect outerwear piece for going on a run or working from your patio. (And hey, if you just end up wearing it on the couch...your secret is safe with us.)

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5 Stylish, Comfortable & Trendy Athleisure Items for Active Men

If you’ve been asked to work remotely, you’ve probably also been told not to take conference calls in your pajamas, hoodies, or whatever you decided to sleep in. 

Instead, turn to athleisure wear, which has gone from a buzzword to a lifestyle. From standout fabrics and classic silhouettes to easygoing wearability and versatility, these five trendy athleisure items are perfect for lounging around the house, grocery store errands, or your outdoor workouts (while social distancing, of course).

Be Yourself - Jogger Pants

mens jogger pants

Joggers are classic athleisure fare and for d*mn good reason. They're stretchy, comfortable, and these days, go with just about everything. 

These breathable bad boys, in particular, are so soft, you'll never want to take them off—and that's okay since they're perfectly slim-cut for that "just looking great while running a quick errand, nbd" look. 

Pair them with your favorite t-shirt or fitted pullover, either way, you’ll look great. 

Shop Jogger Pants for Men (white) (black)

Be Strong - Zipper Pullover

mens zipper pullover

From your yoga workout to your at-home office, you'll find endless comfort moving in this stylish and functional pull over. 

Featuring a hidden sleeve pocket with a zipper to stash your essentials and raglan sleeves for added mobility, the Be Strong Zipper pullover is essential to any working man's closet. 

Best part? You'll feel just as comfortable exercising as you do working from home- and you'll look great too! 

Shop Zipper Pullover (white) (black)

Be Bold - Bomber Hoodie 

mens bomber hoodie

Ah, bomber jackets. A piece of outerwear that works in every season, occasion, or lifestyle. This forward fashion piece is perfect for work and is flooding the closets of the most well-known celebrities, like Jason Derulo

With three sets of hidden pockets to store your essentials, this bomber jacket is as functional as comfortable. 

Shop Bomber Hoodie (white) (black)

Be Creative - Zipper Polo

mens zipper polo

Fact: Polos will never not be cool. This zipper polo has a retro feel, but modern fashion detailing making it the perfect look for a man on the move. 

Shop Zipper Polo (white) (black)

Be Determined - Raglan T-Shirt 

mens raglan tshirt

This unique Proud piece proves style and function can and do go hand-in-hand. Plus, it's lightweight, so get ready for this t-shirt to become your go-to layering piece when the cooler weather hits. 

The bold zippers at the hem add style and a little extra oomph to help you get through those additional long workdays. Did we mention this makes an excellent Father's Day gift? Trust us it’s always a fan favorite. 

Shop Raglan T-Shirt (white) (black)

BONUS: Charged Fitted - Baseball Cap 

fitted baseball cap

Perfect for men or women and brimming with style, the designer's ar Proud to put a fresh spin on the classic baseball cap. 

These hats are sporty, flirty, and go with just about everything. Plus, it will showcase just how proud you are to be you! 

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