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The Proud Story

Life presents us all with endless opportunities to be proud.  

Whether it’s your commitment to your family, a win after a season of fails, or just getting out the door on time in the morning, we believe in celebrating victories big and small. From everyday triumphs to extraordinary humanitarian feats, our desire to shine our brightest unites us all.

We’re a community of listeners, thinkers, disruptors and doers, and we like to engage in conversation about what makes us proud. Our communities. Our achievements. Our wins. Our persistence after our losses. Our ambitions. We have some serious ambitions. 

And we know that our collective gifts are far greater than the elements that set us apart - that together, our individual sparks form a larger brilliance. 

The desire to live the version of ourselves that makes us proud, the drive to improve not just our own lives, but the lives of those around us, the calling to make an effective positive impact: in these ambitions, we are united. 

In a time of division, we’ve come together to harness our collective motivation to create something better. We’re here to amplify the good. We’re here to turn up the volume on giving back. 


We are here to awaken the citizen philanthropist in each of us.

We’re here to transform the power of giving. 

We’re here to be Proud.

Each and every one of us has something unique. Something sacred.  Something edgy. Something to share.  

Don’t hide it.

Life is a team sport, and we’re a team intent on giving back.

Join us. 

Be you.

Be Proud.

Be Proud.