Ehsan Rezvan

Feeling proud is the driving force of Dr. Ehsan Rezvan’s life.

After emigrating as a teen from Iran to Columbus, OH in 1989 when he was 17 years old, Rezvan quickly assimilated into his new American life, one that was filled with opportunity. As he learned English, he also absorbed the Midwestern ethos of hard work, honesty, education, discipline, and service.

It’s this proud ethos that propelled the California periodontist, father of three and devoted husband to stretch beyond these boundaries to make a substantial difference to improve the lives of others, too.

Since its founding, the Rezvan Foundation has supplied full scholarships to five California students. For each, Rezvan has gone way beyond raising the funds and signing the check. Because scholarship recipients typically don’t have family members to help them make the transition to college, he guides them through. Recently he attended orientation with one young woman at UC Davis, helping her get the lay of the land during her dizzying first few days on campus, so that she could launch into her own promise with the steady support of someone invested in her success. Rezvan’s work doesn’t stop after orientation, he stays in touch with each recipient, to to make sure they’re keeping on track.

Stories of feeling proud have transformative power for both the teller and the listener.

“Stories of feeling proud have transformative power for both the teller and the listener,” says Rezvan. “In today’s divided world, we have an almost primal longing to come together around what unites us and engage in conversations about what makes us proud. Our mission is to build an online community to share these inspiring stories and with PROUD to, literally, empower people to wear those feelings of being proud on their sleeve.”

Proud is committed to doing social good by giving 10% of gross sales directly to its non-profit partners with a goal of $10M donated in five years. And with this new bold initiative, Rezvan continues to pursue and fulfill the promise of the American dream.

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