Hollis Belger

Worrying About Which Disney Princess To Play With Versus Counting T-Cells, Inspired Hollis To Help Kids With Cancer

When Hollis Belger was nine years old, she founded the Juggling for Jude initiative to raise money for kids with cancer at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, where children are treated free of charge and don’t have to pay for food, housing, or travel. Also, doctors and scientists are working hard every day to find a cure for pediatric cancer and other diseases.


When Hollis first started Juggling for Jude, it was going to be a summer project. As a competitive soccer player, Hollis was learning to juggle a soccer ball, and her mom posted a video of her juggling on social media. The video got a lot of attention, so Hollis’s mom suggested that she juggle in exchange for donations to St. Jude to help kids with cancer. At first, Hollis wasn’t sure how it would work, but she knew she wanted to help kids who were sick. That first summer, she juggled every day and raised more than $34,000.

Fast forward six years, and Hollis has added in special events like juggling in parades, at malls, in charity golf tournaments, and at Major League Soccer games. She has also started speaking about Juggling for Jude at schools, where she talks about how each of us can choose a passion and turn it into a way to give back. Her incredible fundraising efforts have turned into a $400,000 campaign to support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.


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