Fresh Out of Launch, Socially-Aware Proud Gives Back to Baby2Baby

Today, Proud, a newly launched lifestyle brand designed to spark positive conversations about our proudest moments and express them through distinctive apparel, announced its commitment to support Baby2Baby, a non-profit organization that provides children living in poverty, ages 0-12 years with diapers, clothing and all the basic necessities that every child deserves.

Proud’s mission is to unify people beyond the current political divide and awaken the citizen philanthropist in each of us. The company’s simple idea to counter the divisiveness is to create a community where individuals can share, engage and inspire with positive stories of determination, hard work, love, friendship, kindness, courage that define their own powerful feelings of being proud. The bold, new athleisure line is the engine to build this unified community. Proud has set an ambitious of goal of giving $10 million to its charity partners in the next five years.

“Proud believes in the power of family and helping to strengthen them, and Baby2Baby are heroes to us. Across the nation, they have distributed over 70 million items, including 40 million diapers, to children and moms who need help the most---in homeless shelters, domestic violence programs, foster care, hospitals, and those who have lost everything in the wake of natural disasters. There are so many more children who need help, and Proud wants to do as much as we can to improve their lives,” says Ehsan Rezvan, founder of Proud.

"We are grateful to Proud for supporting Baby2Baby and the children we serve," shared Baby2Baby Co-Presidents Kelly Sawyer Patricof and Norah Weinstein. "We admire the brand for building a give-back element into their mission from day one and helping us to fulfill our own mission to provide the basic essentials that every child deserves."

Proud believes in the goodness of humanity -- its diversity, uniqueness and decency. The social causes that Proud supports– family, education, environment, community and health–reflect the core values of company and the community it is building. Proud is collecting personal stories about what makes each of us Proud on Instagram and Facebook and on its website, These stories of determination, respect, friendship, kindness, courage and of being Proud can empower a better world.

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ABOUT PROUD: PROUD is a for-profit, community-centric company with a core commitment to generously give back and support social causes we believe in. We are committed to giving 10% of gross sales (pre-tax) on every purchase to a select group of nonprofit partners. We make clothes that stand for something: Be Proud. Our social media community of “rebels with a positive cause,” wear Proud, tell their stories and empower others to do the same. Our goal is to give ten million dollars to our charity partners in the next five years.