Socially - Aware PROUD Launches New Lifestyle Brand

Socially-Aware PROUD Launches New Lifestyle Brand on a Mission to Start a Revolution to Dash the Divisiveness by Sharing Stories about Personal Achievement

GILROY, Calif., October 07, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Today, Ehsan Rezvan, an American immigrant on a mission to turn this country's conversation around for the good of all, unveiled PROUD, a new athleisure line designed to spark positive conversations about our own proudest moments, and express them through distinctive branded apparel. In tandem, Rezvan launched, where all are invited to share their proud stories, in addition to social media platforms Facebook and Instagram. PROUD is committing 10% of gross sales to five nonprofits at launch. Its goal is to give ten million dollars in the next five years to these charities and more.

Proud's mission is to give back, while building a foundation for a better world–to awaken the citizen philanthropist in each of us. The company's simple idea is to counter today's backdrop of divisiveness: to create a community where individuals can share, engage and inspire with the stories of determination, hard work, love, friendship, kindness, courage that define their own powerful feelings of being proud. The bold, new clothing line is the engine to build this community.

"Stories of feeling proud have transformative power for both the teller and the listener," says Rezvan. "In today's divided world, we have an almost primal longing to come together around what unites us and engage in conversations about goodness. Our mission is to build an online community to share these inspiring stories and with PROUD to, literally, empower people to wear those feelings of being proud on their sleeve."

Rezvan is propelled by his own proud story. After emigrating from Iran to Columbus, OH as a teen, he embraced his new life, identifying with the Midwestern ethos of hard work, honesty, education, discipline and service. He earned three degrees at The Ohio State University and is now a successful dental surgeon in California. As he achieved professional success, Rezvan felt an urge to do more good by giving back.

In 2017, he established the Rezvan Foundation for Excellence to honor his late father who overcame almost insurmountable obstacles in Iran to obtain his own medical degree. The Foundation provides full college scholarships to exceptionally talented students who were raised in foster care. Now, Rezvan wants to do more, to tap into a collective conscious of others like him. An avid Ohio State Buckeye fan, Rezvan knows firsthand the joy of community and thus has turned his attention to founding an athletics- inspired brand to advance his passion for human connectedness.

PROUD a Direct-to-Consumer lifestyle brand, launches with a capsule collection of 10 pieces: 5 for men and 5 for women -- tank, t-shirt, zip polo, leggings, jogger, bomber jacket, etc. -- in a contrasting black and white color palette. All boldly feature the brand's signature PROUD logo, which includes a star to represent the social cause categories PROUD supports: family, education, environment, community and health. Prices range between $44 and $118 (MSRP).

10% to $10M in Five Years

PROUD is a for-profit company committed to doing social good by giving 10% of gross sales directly to its nonprofit partners with a goal of $10M donated in five years. At launch, causes include:

Baby2Baby (family), which provides diapers, clothing and other necessities to children, ages 0-12, living in poverty;

Food Bank for Monterey County, (community) which is the primary food resource to a network of 160 nonprofit agencies that serve children, elderly, chronically ill, homeless and low income families, reaching nearly 100,000 monthly;

Home for Our Troops, (community) builds and donates specially adapted custom homes for severely injured post 9/11 Veterans, to enable them to rebuild their lives;

Off the Street Club, (community) serving more than 3,000 Chicago kids seeking safe places away from gangs, drugs and danger, where they can go to learn, laugh and play without worry,

The Rezvan Foundation (education), which provides scholarships and mentoring to exceptionally talented young students who persevere despite extraordinary hardships.

ABOUT PROUD: PROUD is on a mission to lead the conversation about what it means to be proud, and to use that buzz for social good by giving 10% of gross sales directly to nonprofit partners. We make clothes that stand for something: Be Proud. Our social media community of "rebels with a positive cause," wear Proud, tell their stories and empower others to do the same. Our goal is to donate $10M in five years.

To shop the line and designate that proceeds be directed to one of these charities, start here.

And, share your Proud stories on Facebook and Instagram.