Off the Street Club



Off The Street Club’s core Staff provides a host of year-round program opportunities to be meaningfully involved with Off The Street Club and our several thousand inspiring young members. So many opportunities are already in place, from our tutorial programs, our year-round New Horizons Trips, and Tours Program, our special events at every holiday and special occasion, our popular Third Thursday Clubhouse Visits Program, sports programs & sporting events, group and individual mentoring opportunities, to our many summer camp experiences related to this proposal at our own Resident Camp not far from Chicago.  Please see the list below describing our programs and the programs’ focus points, all of which are conducive to volunteer involvement.



Tutoring/Mentoring Programs: Time To Read (TTR) and The Learning Connection (TLC) both provide one-on-one tutoring between kids and their volunteer tutors/mentors. 

Focus: enhanced reading skill, improved classroom confidence, the formation of bonds with mentors. TTR serves kids in grades 4 through 12, and TLC benefits the children in the primary grades.


Athletic Programs: the athletic center is our spectacular site for junior and senior basketball, flag football, volleyball, gymnastics, jump rope teams, work-out and fitness classes, special competitions, sports clinics and much more. 

Focus: sportsmanship, fair play and teamwork, as well as opportunities for tournament participation in what kids call their own “United Center West!”


Computer Learning Center: our computer lab and library, with classes from Introduction to Advanced. 

Focus: depending on age group, classes teach kids basic computer skills, use of the computer for homework assignments and how to use the Internet for research projects, library skills, book fairs and more.


Performing Arts Center: where the abilities of our talented kids shine. 

Focus: activities in the performing arts, including popular programs: -The Piven Theatre Children’s Workshop, a superb dramatic arts outreach program-Off The Street Club’s own Chicago Children’s Choir Program, choral classes & travel opportunities for concerts led by the renowned choirs outstanding leaders. -Jazz Masters Workshop, life-enhancing ability to play a musical instrument, taught by volunteer musicians. Acclaimed program seeks to provide instruments.


Girl’s Center: “Where women teach girls how to be women.” 

Focus: increase girls’ self-esteem and help them set and achieve personal goals, such as a future of financial and social independence. Programs include high-profile speakers, role models, the Girls Poetry Club, and special gender specific resource materials.


The Club Woodshop: the hands-on creative building center of Off The Street Club. 

Focus: important outlet for the creative interest and talents of youngsters who want to experience the fun of creating their own projects and the pride of taking their own work home and to school. Lots of life-long useful skills acquired in this great space.


The Recreation Center: a joyful space for the Club’s very popular roller-skating arena. 

Focus: Our own great roller rink also is the site of teen dances, a super roller hockey tournament and other special events throughout the year.


Early Childhood Center: the Club’s joyful Jack & Jill Play Room for our tiny tots. 

Focus: a special place at Off The Street Club where our littlest members can grow, play and learn in a safe and loving environment. Programs & activities in a nurturing setting.


Game Room: a hub of interest and excitement for the Club, filled with activities and games both physical and intellectual. 

Focus: here the youngsters’ Club Cards provide access to a world of fun and challenge where its not hard to fill an entire evening with the games of your choice: ping pong, foosball, billiards, chess and checkers, bumper pool and all of the popular family table games.


Arts and Crafts Room: the favorite spot for all the Club’s big and small artists. 

Focus: the broad assortment of arts & crafts projects, all with the usual happy array of tons of glue, popsicle sticks, paint, lanyard and strong doses of imagination.


New Horizons Program: field trips, tours, and outreach experiences led by volunteers and mentor groups throughout the year. 

Focus: culturally expansive activities, including outings to plays, concerts, kids’ movies, museum visits, sporting events and more.


After School Homework Help: homework and study assistance on all subjects is available from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday during the school year. 

Focus: improved grades are reinforced with the popular Report Card Reward System.


Teen Leadership Work Project: the opportunity to earn allowances by assisting staff in various programs and maintenance tasks, such as manning the coatroom or helping in the camp kitchen. 

Focus: in a neighborhood where opportunities for spending money are scarce and allowances are even more rare, this program reinforces work ethic and leadership training, while providing pocket money.


Soap Box Derby Program: the chance to participate in every step of the Derby process, from building to driving the cars in competitions.

Focus: planning, woodworking, team building and the ultimate chance to compete in the championships in Akron.


Camp Mathieu: week long summer camping and weekend winter camping experiences at our beautiful 30-acre resident camp, 30 miles from Chicago.

Focus: happy memories of classic summertime activities, such as swimming, camping and nature study. Summer camp provides leadership training for Junior Teen Leader Corps. In the winter months, the camp provides holiday and weekend outings.


The Off The Street Club serves several thousand youngsters each year.  Hundreds of eager boys and girls participate in the programs listed above, all on a voluntary basis, per their individual skills and interest.  The Club is especially proud that its staff have all grown up at Off The Street Club. Like any strong and loving family, the Club emphasizes character and personal responsibility.  Every child signs a pledge that they will not be a part of the gang or drug culture and won’t associate with those who are. Living up to that pledge is often difficult and perilous on Chicago’s troubled west side.  So many of our members are young heroes, worthy of your kind support. The Off The Street Club does not seek nor accept government funds of any kind, federal, state nor city. We and the children we serve rely solely on contributions from those who believe in our cause.  

Your support is a blessing to every child at Off The Street Club.